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If you own a small to medium-sized retail store, restaurant, or other business that relies on foot traffic, keeping the appearance of your location clean is very important to your success. No matter how fantastic your products or services are, the appearance of your storefront is what gets people in the door. Studies have shown that better curb appeal increases sales prices for restaurants and offices.


Much of this value has to do with increased foot traffic. But how do you attract more foot traffic to your business?


1. Start with your storefront


This is where commercial power washing in Chicago can help your bottom line. Your storefront, whether it’s made up of mostly glass, brick, or stucco could likely use a cleaning. Commercial power washing in Chicago is the quickest, easiest way to get your storefront looking like new.


2. Increase natural light


By keeping your storefront clean, especially if you have large windows out front, you’ll be increasing the natural light into your store. This improves the shopping experience, and studies have shown that shoppers who are in a good mood spend more money when they buy.


3. Show off


After a good cleaning, you’ll want to fine-tune your front window display. Especially if you sell clothes or other items that lend themselves to displays. Your display will tell your customers a lot about the quality of product or service that they’re going to encounter when they walk in your store. And while customers may or may not consciously notice the cleanliness of your windows or storefront, it has a huge psychological effect.


4. Team up with other business owners


By working with other business owners to create a sense of place, you’ll help make your store into a destination. Also, you can work with the other owners on getting their storefront sparkling clean. The professionalism you and other businesses display as a collective group will attract tons of foot traffic.


For the best commercial power washing in Chicago, contact the professionals at Prime Time Window Cleaning. At Prime Time, we’ve been helping businesses throughout Chicagoland keep their storefronts looking beautiful. Additionally, we provide all you need to keep your storefront clean—gutter cleaning and window washing—and attract more foot traffic.

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