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25 Oct

Clean Your Windows Like a Professional

It’s true, cleaning our home’s windows are usually at the bottom of your chore list. While they don’t need to be cleaned monthly, they should be on your radar to be cleaned at least twice per year. The longer you wait, the more mold, dust, and build-up will settle on your window glass, frames, and

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30 Sep

The Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Most homes have them, but they are often the last things on our mind. This summer, Prime Time Window Cleaning wants to remind you to show some love to your gutters with regular clean-outs. Having a gutter system installed around your home is essential for home maintenance. Gutters not only protect you from the rain

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29 Sep

Clean Windows – What’s the Big Idea?

You may be thinking, so I haven’t had my windows cleaned in quite a while, who cares? They aren’t that bad! We’ve got a few insights about your windows and the benefits of maintaining them. Visually pleasing! Let’s face it, clean windows look much better than grimy ones. Whether you are at home or at

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30 Aug

Pressure Washing Your Deck

Decks are great for lounging outdoors and enjoying great weather in your very own backyard. While decks require minimal maintenance in their lifespan, you still need to be thinking about its cleanliness and safety. Pressure washing is a preventative measure used to cut down on costly deck repairs and clean your deck. Deck cleaning can

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30 Aug

Window Cleaning With White Distilled Vinegar

Did you forget about your windows when you did your spring cleaning? Maybe it’s time to touch up your windows in between the professional cleaning services from Prime Time Window Cleaning. Look no further than your own kitchen. From cooking to cleaning, vinegar is an inexpensive and versatile product, not to mention environmentally friendly, that

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11 Jul

Why Hire A Professional Window Cleaner

Do you cringe every time you walk past the windows in your home and see smudges everywhere? Do you dread the thought of having to clean them? Having clean windows improves the appearance of your home (and your sanity!), but can also extend the life of the windows and show early signs of issues. Read

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