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02 Jul

How to Clean Brick Walkways

Beautiful landscaping can elevate the quality of your life. Whether it adds more zest to the entrance of your business or makes you more proud of your home, a walkway or patio makes a world of difference. Of course, there’s no richer, more classic way to go than brick. Known for their excellent durability and

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01 Jul

DIY Home Automation Ideas From the Pros

For years, Hollywood films and television shows have imagined what the future of smart homes might look like. From the Jetsons, Back to the Future, and Wall-E, we’ve been fascinated by what the possibilities of technology, imagination and our ability to push the limits of human laziness could bring.

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29 Jun

Must Do Jobs When Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

Buying a house is generally one of the most significant investments any family will make. Once a family outgrows their home, they would have the option to either build extensions to add more living space or look to sell the house and move to a different neighborhood.

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16 Feb

Get Your Home Ready For Spring

The cold Chicago winter has finally passed, and it’s now safe to go outside without needing to wear 5+ layers of clothes – spring is finally here! For some, spring means putting your gardening hat on and getting to work, and for others, spring kicks off a flurry of spring cleaning tasks and home repairs.

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27 Sep

Why People Don’t Enter a Store: Avoid These Storefront Mistakes

If your store relies heavily on foot traffic, it is imperative to have an appealing storefront to help attract potential customers. Avoid these common storefront mistakes to increase the appeal of your business to potential customers: Associates Don’t Look Busy If you have large windows in your store, then the behavior of your employees will

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29 Aug

End Of Summer Gutter Cleaning in Chicago

Many people let their gutters go on vacation over the summer. They assume that during the hot, dry months, they don’t need to do much to maintain their gutters. But contrary to popular belief, summer is actually the best time to inspect them, get them cleaned, and make sure they are functioning properly before the

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