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Did you know that the most common ailment to gutters is a leak? This may seem like no big deal, however, if a gutter leak goes unfixed it can cause major damage to the exterior of your home. Leaks can cause rotting and mold, leading to the gutter giving away and falling from your roof. Here at Prime Time Window Cleaning, Inc. our gutter cleaning Chicago company will keep your gutters clean and effective. When you take proper care of your gutters, it will not only increase curb appeal but save you money by preventing costly repairs.

Why Is It Important To Clean My Gutters? 

If you are not familiar, gutters are troughs that surround the perimeter of the roof and run along your home’s eaves toward downspouts, which will drain the water toward the ground and direct it away from the foundation of your home. Without clean gutters and downspouts, rain will threaten your roof, damage paint, and cause damage to windows. When gutters are not cleaned debris, insects, and mildew will breed and thrive – yuck!

What To Expect When Hiring A Gutter Cleaning Chicago Company

Cleaning gutters is not a glamorous DIY home project. If you do not have the time or desire to carry a ladder around your home and clean out gutters, you should consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning company. Our experienced technicians will perform complete debris removal, repositioning of gutter guards, clean off all debris from roofs, and trim tree branches. We will also check for rust, leaks, or peeling paint. Our technicians do all cleaning by hand and will take the debris with them when they leave.

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Depending on various factors, the number of times you will need to clean your gutters will depend on the amount of trees surrounding your home. You may need to clean your gutters as frequently as twice a year, quarterly, or yearly. Clogging is the most common gutter problem that should be addressed once in the spring and again before the cold weather sets in.

Prime Time Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is an inexpensive way to protect one of your most important investments, your home. At Prime Time, it is all in the name – we guarantee same or next day service! We offer gutter cleaning for up to three stories. When you are ready to hire a gutter cleaning Chicago company call (800) 480-1360!