Primetime Window Cleaning is committed to outstanding results and raving fans since 1996


Be honest, how many of you want to spend your weekend washing windows? You’re a rare person if you’re excited about moving a ladder from window to window while carrying a bucket of soapy water and a squeegee! Well, you don’t have to, especially when Prime Time Window Cleaning offers you the very best in window washer services in Chicago.

We’ve been offering premier window washer services in Chicago since 1996, and we occupy the top rung in professional window washing services. Over 40,000 satisfied customers depend on Prime Time Window Cleaning to take care of their windows, and our highly trained professional technicians serve over 5,000 of these customers each year.

Not convinced? Well, consider some of the benefits of hiring Prime Time Window Cleaning to do the job.

Professional washing improves the appearance of your home or business.

For business owners, this appearance can be crucial. Clean, sparkling windows tell customers you’re conscientious and take care of the smallest details. For commercial retail shops, clean windows showcase your products in the best possible light. Window washer services in Chicago will help you elevate the appearance of you home and business.

For home owners, clean windows make your property much more inviting to guests and passers-by. And if want to sell, there’s no doubt that clean windows enhance curb appeal, and curb appeal is a key factor in closing the sale.

Professional cleaning keeps your windows in shape longer.

Contaminants like acid rain, hard water and oxidation can build up on your windows. Removing these keeps corrosive contaminants off your glass, saving money by extending the life of your windows.

Cleaning improves efficiency.

Over time, dirt and grime build up and interfere with the natural warming provided by the sun in winter. Oxidation and weather around window frames can ruin window seals and cause air leaks and soaring energy bills. Dirt and dead bugs can prevent proper closing action. You can avoid all these through our professional cleaning services.

Professional cleaning is safer.

When you hire professionals you don’t have to climb ladders to reach higher windows or juggle buckets of soap or other chemicals. The professionals do all that for you.

Professional cleaning is more efficient than DIY cleaning.

When professionals handle the job, your windows will be cleaner and clearer. Doing the job yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll be left with bothersome streaks and smudges, but not with us. Our professionals will give your windows a streak-free shine and leave them looking beautiful.

Convinced now? We hope so! Give us a call today at 800-480-1360 and let our professionals clean and extend the life of your windows.

Prime Time Window Cleaning is the premier window washer in Chicago, and we guarantee our work to your satisfaction or you don’t pay!