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How Do You Know What Window Washer In Chicago to Hire?

When choosing a window washer in Chicago, you’ll want to choose somebody with experience, a reputation you can trust, and the right level of customer service Starting to look for a company to handling your window washing can feel like a daunting task. Who do you pick? How do you know whether someone will work well for you and your needs? What are the differences between your options? Below are the pillars of window-washer shopping to keep in mind when making your choice.


How long has the company you’re looking into been around? Do they have the years of experience required to tackle your home or property? An experienced company will know how to handle your windows with care and have been doing their job long enough to know that cutting corners isn’t acceptable. Choose a company who has proven their worthiness of your business by standing the test of time. Prime Time Window Cleaning has been around for twenty years, allowing Chicagoland to take in the beautiful views outside their residential and commercial buildings through their clear, streak-free windows.


Hire a company who others recommend. Go online and look at reviews, ask your loved ones, your friends, and your neighbors. Look for a company with a long list of satisfied customers. The chances of your satisfaction go way up when you hire a company with a solid reputation. Prime Time Window Cleaning, for example, ranks among the best window washers in Chicago because we have satisfied over 40,000 Chicagoland customers since our start in 1996. Ask any of them—we don’t leave until the best job we can do is done!

Customer Service

Of all the things a company can provide, unparalleled service is what truly sets apart the great companies from the good ones. Understanding that your customers are the lifeblood of your business and treating them as such is crucial to maintaining a great reputation. At Prime Time Window Cleaning, we feel that window washers are service professionals and should treat our clientele with the absolute best customer service possible. Make sure that your Chicago window washer treats you the way a paying customer should be treated.

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