Everyone loves a nice shiny window, don’t they? Of course! After all, clean windows are easily one of the biggest assets one’s property can have. However, like all good things, it doesn’t come easily. There are many challenges that you need to overcome to keep those panes shining! Read below to find some surpassing challenges you may face washing your own windows.

Making Sure the Time Is Right

Chicago is infamous for it’s brutal winters, so we don’t expect anyone to be out washing their windows in minus 20 degree weather. So while you may be performing various chores around the home to prepare for winter, window washing isn’t likely to be one of them. It’s more likely that you’ll be washing your windows in the spring or summer. 

But keep in mind— it’s important to refrain from washing them on really hot days, especially during heatwaves. Why? During periods of extreme heat, glass cleaning solutions tend to evaporate quickly, leaving unsightly blemishes on the glass. So, hot or cold, it’s important to avoid cleaning in extreme climates.

Reaching the High Spots 

We’ve all been there. Trying to get to that one blemish that is just barely out of reach. Height is one of the most obvious obstacles when it comes to window washing. And while we think clean windows are extremely important, we wouldn’t suggest you risk your life by using unstable ladders to insufficiently clean the highest windows. Fortunately, Primetime Window Cleaning covers up to 4 stories, no problem. We guarantee to reach the highest spots, safely and efficiently.

Knowing Which Equipment and Cleaning Solutions to Use

Window washing is a serious job, and approaching it without the proper equipment will not only prevent you from a sparkling result, but also could pose threats to both you and your windows. Using the wrong cleaning solution can result in blemishes on the pane, potentially leaving your windows in worse condition than when you started. From squeegees and scrapers to buckets of cleaning product, finding the right products for your home can prove surprisingly difficult. . 

Fortunately, with years of proven experience, Primetime Window Cleaners can guarantee to address all of the challenges with flying colors. If you have any questions about the services provided by Primetime Window Cleaning and are interested in a free quote please click here: Request Quote