Primetime Window Cleaning is committed to outstanding results and raving fans since 1996


Frequently Asked Questions

Window Washing

Are you insured? bonded?

Yes, both our company and all of our technicians are fully insured.


Can I trust the workers?
We are fully insured and bonded. We go to great lengths to hire only responsible individuals. We pride ourselves in our staff and their experience.


Do I have to be home for outside only window washing or gutter cleaning?
No, we will do the work for you and leave a bill in the mailbox for the full amount. Payment is expected within seven days of completed service.


Do I need to be home?
First time customers are strongly urged to be home. We would like you to see how we perform the services, and to be available for any questions.


Do you service on weekends?
Yes, we are available to service your home seven days a week.


How do I count windows?
Each window counts as one window, no matter how big or small (refer to price list pictures).


How long does it usually take?
It usually takes a one / two man crew about 1–2 hours depending on the number of windows, screens, storms, French windows etc.


How often should I clean my windows?
We have many packages available that can be customized to meet your needs.


What about the mess? Will my carpet and walls get dirty?
Our industrial foam window cleaner leaves no mess. We use drop cloths and, of course, our employees remove their shoes at your front door.


What do I need to do before your arrival?
We have our own supplies and equipment. All we ask is that there is a clear path to the windows. Remove any antiques, heirlooms, breakables, “nick-knacks”, etc. from furniture that may be in front of the window, or on the window sill.


What do you use to wash the windows?
Our technicians use a combination of joy soap and water to wash the windows. It is environmentally safe, non abrasive and it doesn’t leave streaks.


What if it rains on my scheduled cleaning day?
On days when the weather is in question, the customer may contact us. We closely monitor the current weather conditions.


What time of day can I schedule service?
8–10 am, 10–12 am, 12–2 pm, 2–4 pm, and 4–6 pm. We will arrive between these times, because we are doing other jobs in your area.


Will you price match?
We will BEAT any price by a minimum of $10.00

Pressure / Power Washing

Do you guarantee your work? Yes, 100%.

Do you use any solution? For homes, decks, etc. we use a light soap with brushes. We have many commercial grade solutions for more challenging applications.

Does the cost of pressure washing my deck include a sealer? Yes, we use a clear Thompson’s sealer or we have many colored stains to choose from

What kind of machine do you use? We use a 3500 psi (lbs. per square inch) adjustable setting commercial grade pressure washer.

Will you cover my landscaping and shrubbery when you pressure wash my home or deck? Yes. We have large tarps.

Gutter Cleaning

Why should I hire someone to clean my gutters?
You should hire someone to clean your gutters for many reasons, first of all we are proffesionals who do this every day. We can effectively do it much faster than you would be able to. Second, gutters are our only business therefore during the cleaning, we may spot problems you would not be aware of. Thirdly we are fully insured and have years of experience on ladders. For the average person it is not work the risk of falling to save the small fee we charge.

When should I clean my gutters?
We recommend cleaning your gutters twice per year: late spring/early summer mid to late June after all the seed pods, blossoms; “helicopters” are done falling. These will clog gutters as well as the leaders and any underground drains on the system. These seed pods will soon germinate and you will have trees growing out of your gutters! and late fall/early winter early December, after most leaves are done falling. This will help protect the gutters over the winter.

How do I know if my gutters need to be cleaned?
The gutters will not work properly if they are clogged. Some good signs the gutters are clogged is the water coming over the top, water in the basement, water constantly dripping of leaking from the gutters when it is not raining or hasn’t rained recently. Water leaking inside your home/building, generally where the ceilings meet the walls. These are just the most obvious signs of clogged gutters, sometimes the signs are not so easy to spot, which is why we recommend cleaning the gutters twice a year.

How do you clean the gutters?
Our technicians come fully equipped with extension ladders and we clean out the gutters by hand and take away all of the debris.
Will you flush out the downspouts?
Yes, for a small additional fee of $8.00 each.

How long does a gutter cleaning take?
There is no set time for a job to be done since there are so many different kinds of houses/buildings as well as what needs to be done. An average house usually takes 15 minutes to an hour.

How much does it cost to have gutters cleaned?

Number of Levels (Height)Gutter Cleaning (Regular Price)
1 Story$80
2 Story$140
3 Story$200
 Detached Garage$40
Downspout Flushing Charge$8.00 each