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Author: will dron

22 Jun

Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Gutters

Summer is here. That means we are spending more time in our gardens, grilling, and enjoying our yards. Only inclement weather and mosquitos can ruin our relaxing days outdoor. While we can’t control the weather, we can suggest gutter cleaning and gutter guards to help manage bothersome mosquitos that often send us indoor too soon!

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19 May

Clean Your Windows Just Before Or Just After A Rainy Day

What If Rain Is In the Forecast? While rain can be refreshing, rain alone cannot keep your windows in sparkling condition. Just like you need dish soap for dishes and shampoo in the shower, water alone will not fully cleanse your window surfaces. Many people are under the misconception that if it has just rained,

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26 Apr

A First Impression and Your Business

They say that a dirty bathroom means you have a dirty kitchen. Don’t let potential clients make the same assumptions about your business! Making a great first impression with clean, and sparkling windows can help to maintain your brand image and invite new clients inside! At Prime Time Window Cleaning, we are passionate about your

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24 Mar

DIY Glass Cleaner

Over the past year, the DIY movement has grown increasingly! We’ve already shared with you our secrets to washing your windows with vinegar, we also wanted to share another recipe that offers another alternative to getting toxins out of your home. This recipe is a bit fancier. You can also save time and money by

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07 Mar

Professional Service Every Time

As our name suggests, we know a little something about window cleaning. If you own a home or business, we understand that appearance and first impression matters to you. Having a clean facade at your business can make for a great first impression for new clients. For homeowners, having clean windows will make for a

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02 Jan

Window Washing In Winter

While the best time to wash your windows is in the spring and fall, there are a few of you who are ambitious enough to tackle cold weather window washing. Winter windows need cleaning too, and we have a way to clean them without worrying about your cleaning fluid freezing. Things you’ll need: Your favorite

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