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26 Oct

Winterize Your Home

Winter is fast approaching. Temperatures have dropped, frost is on the way, and you are about to be spending a lot more time indoors. It’s probably time to call your professional window and gutter cleaner to ensure your home is in top condition. Make sure your home is ready for the freezing months ahead with

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15 Aug

Let Us Get Your Business Looking As Good As It Performs

With so many businesses switching to online-only service it’s important to have your brick and mortar business looking clean, approachable, and professional. Here at Prime Time Window Cleaning we understand the impact a business’s appearance has on its success, which is why we are committed to providing comprehensive commercial cleaning services to all our clients.

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10 Feb

Winter and Unhealthy Indoor Air

Winter and Unhealthy Indoor Air As the mercury plummets and we spend more time indoors with our windows tightly closed, the air we breathe is re-circulated through our HVAC ductwork on a continuous basis. This can lead to a buildup of dust, debris, bacteria, and other contaminants which contribute to poor indoor air quality. Many

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26 Apr

A First Impression and Your Business

They say that a dirty bathroom means you have a dirty kitchen. Don’t let potential clients make the same assumptions about your business! Making a great first impression with clean, and sparkling windows can help to maintain your brand image and invite new clients inside! At Prime Time Window Cleaning, we are passionate about your

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07 Mar

Professional Service Every Time

As our name suggests, we know a little something about window cleaning. If you own a home or business, we understand that appearance and first impression matters to you. Having a clean facade at your business can make for a great first impression for new clients. For homeowners, having clean windows will make for a

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