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Commercial Window Cleaning Chicago

The appearance and cleanliness of your business is critically important to you, your staff, and current and prospective clients. Curb appeal is a big part of drawing in customers, and how you take care of your business is a reflection of how you take care of them. Let your business speak for itself with help from Prime Time Window Cleaning.

From retail units, automotive dealerships, condominium associations, to multi-story business parks, each of our contracts receive the same attention to detail and quality service. Keep your business looking great with Prime Time Window Cleaning, the service you can trust.

Clean windows are not only an aesthetic choice but also a necessary maintenance. Improperly maintained windows can be costly and detrimental to a company’s image and the longevity of the windows themselves. Frequent commercial window cleaning in Chicago will eliminate this problem.

In our line of work we understand that it’s not just about the results, but how you achieve them. This is why we have adopted a cleaning system that is fast, safe, and sustainable. Prime Time Window Cleaning, Inc. proudly uses The IPC Eagle Ultra Pure DI Cart. This means our work is good for the environment and your wallet.

The Ultra Pure RODI — Reverse Osmosis Deionizing system offers the absolute purest water (zero TDS) a system can provide for the highest quality and fastest cleaning available. We have adopted this system because we believe in the process as much as the results.

Safe: Clean up to a five story building safely from the ground (no ladder)

Fast: Reduce cleaning time up to 75%

Economical: Produce pure water for as little as $.03 per gallon

Effective: Clean windows and frames

Environmentally Safe: No chemicals needed and windows stay cleaner, longer with no chemical residue

Compact and Portable: Easily moved in and out of vehicles, up and down steps, and across any terrain

Get your business looking as good as it performs with a commercial window cleaning in Chicago. Contact us today to book an appointment!
Your business is your livelihood, so give it the professional treatment it deserves.

Prime Time Window Cleaning has served Chicagoland with outstanding, long-lasting results for 20 years. We understand the importance that the appearance of your business has on its success, which is why we want to give you results you can see inside and out. If you need a commercial window cleaning in Chicago then Prime Time Window Cleaning is your answer. Contact us today to book an appointment!