Many people let their gutters go on vacation over the summer. They assume that during the hot, dry months, they don’t need to do much to maintain their gutters. But contrary to popular belief, summer is actually the best time to inspect them, get them cleaned, and make sure they are functioning properly before the leaves begin to fall and the harsh winter weather sets in. Here are a few things you should do to maintain your gutters as summer comes to an end.

Remove Nests and Debris

The first step in caring for your gutters is to get rid of all the debris that has piled up inside your gutters over the summer months. Usually you will find sticks, pine needles, leaves, and sometimes even bird nests from creatures that thought your gutter would be a nice home. Be on the lookout for any beehives as well and call a pest company if they are still inhabited. Scooping out all of this junk can be a pain, so if you want professional gutter cleaning in Chicago, give Prime Time Window Cleaning a call to have them do it for you.

Clean Them

Once all of the leaves and other debris has been cleared, it’s important to clean off any mold or moss that has grown onto your gutters over time to help eliminate the chance of any drainage problems that could be caused by this buildup. If your gutters are clogged and the water has nowhere to go, it can begin to leak into your foundation or inner walls. To ensure this is done properly, contact Prime Time Window Cleaning, your trusted gutter cleaning in Chicago.

Look For Damage and Get Them Repaired

When your gutters are finally clean, look for any areas that may be rusted, cracked, sagging or damaged. If you notice any signs of this, be sure to get these areas repaired before you really need to rely on your gutters in the fall and winter.

Don’t Forget About The Roof

It’s important to remember that your roof and gutter system work together. While you are cleaning your gutters, check out your roof for any leaks or loose shingles that may impact the efficiency of your gutters.

A professional gutter cleaning Chicago business like Prime Time Window Cleaning will provide fast, easy, and quality service. Prime Time has proudly served Chicagoland for 20 years, providing outstanding, long-lasting results for homes and businesses alike. Our team of trained technicians is passionate about the work they do and people they serve.