Getting tape off your windows can sometimes be a huge challenge, especially if it has been left on there for long periods of time. Most adhesives are oil-soluble so oil-based products are great for tape removal. Follow these steps for removing adhesives and residue from glass.
1. First, wipe your window clean so that you are only left with the stubborn areas that will require your careful attention.
2. Protect the area around or beneath the window with newspaper or removable painters tape in case of drips.
3. Saturate the tape and/or left-over tape residue with vegetable oil. WD-40 works great too! For the least amount of mess, we recommend soaking a paper towel and then placing it on the window surface rather than pouring it on.
4. Let the oil sit on the surface of the glass for a few minutes. You will see the tape start to darken as the oil seeps through the layers.
5. Gently use the edge of a razor blade to get under the edges. For stubborn areas, try dabbing on some rubbing alcohol.
6. Once tape is removed, wipe off excess oil with a paper towel.
7. Re-wash the area with soapy water and scrubbing sponge.
8. Dry and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Now that you know some tricks for getting sticky tape residue off your windows, carry on sealing up your windows for winter, hanging up holiday decorations, or posting your kid’s artwork to your home’s windows.