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The appearance of a business is crucial to its success. How a business presents itself to customers and clients implies how that business will treat them. A clean, put-together office signifies a company that takes pride in itself and who will take care of their clients/customers. A dirty or unkempt office signifies a lazy staff who will ultimately fail their customers. How can you trust a business that doesn’t care to keep its quarters clean? It’s really the little things that make the biggest difference—clean floors, dusted surfaces, and perhaps most importantly of all, beautifully cleaned windows.

First Impressions

As mentioned above, the appearance of your physical business location matters just as much as every branding effort you make. Especially in a city like Chicago, where every other building and office space has beautiful architecture, stunning interiors, and gorgeous designs, the look of your office helps clients/customers understand who you are and what your brand is. Seeing your office for the first time is like making a first impression. The first thing they will notice is what the outside of your building looks like. If your building has windows (let’s hope so), you’ll want to make sure they are shiny, clean, and streak-free. The windows on your office building are the first thing your clientele will be looking at, so you’ll want to give them the right idea about your business from the get-go by hiring a company to handle your commercial window cleaning.

The Difference a Professional Makes

You wouldn’t hire an amateur to do your company’s taxes, to handle your company’s advertising, or to make your company’s website. Why would you let anybody but a professional go near your building’s windows? Like any other aspect of a business, it is important that window cleaning be handled professionally by someone with a reputation for success.

Be Ecologically Responsible

When hiring a company to clean your commercial building’s windows, you’ll want to make sure to choose someone who doesn’t just value the integrity and the appearance of your business, but sees the importance of protecting the environment. Using an environmentally-responsible window cleaning company sends the message to your clientele that you are socially responsible as a company and do your part to protect our Earth—which will go a long way for your reputation as a business. Our cleaners don’t use the harsh chemicals that other cleaning companies use to wash windows and thus have no chemical residue running off into the environment.

Prime Time Window Cleaning

Hiring Prime Time Window Cleaning for your Chicago commercial window cleaning needs might just be the best business decision you make all year! You’ll be amazed at the difference a beautiful, clear set of windows will make in the look and feel of your office building. Contact us for a quote at the top of our site!