Summer is here. That means we are spending more time in our gardens, grilling, and enjoying our yards. Only inclement weather and mosquitos can ruin our relaxing days outdoor. While we can’t control the weather, we can suggest gutter cleaning and gutter guards to help manage bothersome mosquitos that often send us indoor too soon!


They buzz, they sting, and even carry diseases such as West Nile. There’s no fun in a barbecues when you return indoor with dozens of itchy mosquito bites! What you may not know is that mosquitos breed in water. If you have sticks, algae, and other debris clogging your gutter, you not only have standing water in your gutters, but you will be inviting mosquitos to make your gutters their ideal habitat.

Clean Your Gutters

Keep your gutters clean and effective by regularly cleaning them out. If you don’t clean your gutters on a regular basis, mosquitos will not be your only problem. Gutters that cannot properly drain water can overflow and cause damage to your yard, foundation, and inner walls.

Protect Your Gutters

You can protect your gutters from leaves, debris, and mosquitos while still allowing water to flow through your gutters quickly. Gutter guards are designed to protect your gutters, and they insert completely inside your gutter system. This makes it virtually impossible for leaves to enter your gutter. Not only are gutter guards easy to install, but they are durable and carry a 25 year performance warranty.

Prime Time Window Cleaning Gutter Services

The technicians at Prime Time Window Cleaning clean your gutters by hand making sure your gutters operate properly. Don’t forget to ask us about gutter guard installation so you’ll never have to clean your gutters again! Call today to schedule your gutter service: 1-800-480-1360

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