Everyone knows that allowing the leaves to pile up in your gutters can cause a gush of filthy water to flood ominously down the side of your home leaving behind an unsightly residue on your windows and siding that is not easily removed. Is this really the worst that this liquid force of destruction can wreak on your home? No. We can all agree that last winter was cruel and caused horrific damage to homes, but I was shocked to discover why. I embarked on a preventative journey, did my researched and discovered that tens of millions of dollars in damage was caused by icy water backing up under roof shingles from clogged gutters, and from pooled water from overflowing seeping into basements.

Fact: Millions in damage to Chicago homes could have easily been prevented by taking one small step to protect our investments and beautify our homes.

What is the regimen that everyone should practice to prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your home? Clean out your gutters.

Naturally you might be thinking that this is one chore you would rather avoid this year especially with the busy holiday season rapidly approaching. Chances are you have ignored this time-consuming but vital home improvement chore in the past but if this winter is even half as destructive as the last you could be looking at thousands of dollars in damage to your investment. Like you, I would rather avoid hanging precariously from the side of my home atop an icy ladder, but I don’t want to experience a clogged gutter full of ice covered leafs careening past my head, or damage to my roof and basement like so many did last year.

So this year I have made the resolution to solve this problem with an easy solution. The decision to hand this daunting chore off to someone else was easy. Choosing the right contractor was the intimidating task. Who do you trust? I called my grandfather, the owner of a large general contracting company for over 30 years who told me what to look for. He helped me to filter through over 150 contractors in Chicago and discovered one that clearly shined above the rest in price, customer service, and reputation online and off; Prime Time Window Cleaning.

Additionally, Oleg Sulyma of NV Realty Group recommends:

“Always consult with a general contractor who will provide you with a process sheet that includes every step.  Additionally, they’ll provide general design ideas so you’ll know what should be involved in each task.”

I felt reassured that over 40,000 customers have used their gutter cleaning services in Chicago in the past 25 years. I took advantage of Prime Time Windows October special and allowed them to flush my downspout and restore my gutters to immaculate brilliance for $10.00 less than their already lowest in Chicago prices. Their professional technicians offered to install GutterStuff Pro for only $7.00 per square foot so that I could avoid this chore every year, and I quickly took them up on their offer. I was afraid that gutter guards would destroy the aesthetic beauty of my home but they look amazing. I read online that they do a spectacular job cleaning windows, which I allowed myself to indulge in with their amazing $40.00 off special, and was incredibly impressed with their attention to detail, and professionalism.

Thanks to Prime Time Window Cleaning, who we’ve already invited back to hang up our Christmas lights in November and pressure wash in the Spring, I no longer have to worry about my gutter falling on my head, spending thousands to replace my roof, or replacing the flooring in my basement. I can enjoy this breathtaking Autumn and chilly Winter inside with a cup of hot chocolate because like you, I’d rather avoid precariously hanging from the side of my home atop an icy ladder.

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