If your store relies heavily on foot traffic, it is imperative to have an appealing storefront to help attract potential customers. Avoid these common storefront mistakes to increase the appeal of your business to potential customers:

Associates Don’t Look Busy

If you have large windows in your store, then the behavior of your employees will likely affect a customer’s decision to enter. For example, staff who appear bored are often a turnoff to potential customers.

To prevent this, ensure your store employees are consistently aware of how they act even if there is no customer in the store. Guarantee they always look busy so a passerby will feel more enticed to come in.

No Creative or Useful Information on Storefront

No information on your exterior can make customers feel uncomfortable in their decision to enter your business. Customers often feel awkward about entering a restaurant, boutique, or service store without knowing anything about it.

To remedy this issue, be sure to list the following on your exterior:

  • If you provide services, list the services with the appropriate prices.
  • If you are a retailer, display the category of products you offer.
  • Always display the hours of your business both online and at the business to help coordinate traffic to your business at the right times.

The information should be useful, but also aesthetically pleasing for your store.

Shabby Entrance

Good signage will work best when paired with a well-kept entrance to your store. A store that does not skimp on maintenance shows customers you care about the overall health of your business.

To make sure your entrance looks welcoming, view your store from the outside and be critical. Evaluate the physical state of your windows, doors, walls, and identify what needs to be freshened up. Especially if your signage is placed on windows, make sure your windows are sparkly clean by hiring window washers in Chicago. Professional window washers in Chicago can ensure your business looks well maintained.

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