After a long and cold winter, spring is finally among us in Chicago. As you are pulling out your shorts and sandals start thinking of  how you need to prepare your home for the beautiful summer months ahead. It is best to begin your spring cleaning project while the temperatures are still mild. This also gives you more time to soak up the sun during the summer.

  • Remove Debris: Are your windows on a track or any mechanism that slides? Check the track for any dirt, bugs, pebbles, etc. that may have gathered inside. Use a damp paper towel or sponge along with a brush to remove the debris.
  • Window Coverings: Spring is the perfect time to clean up your blinds and curtains. First, make sure they are functioning properly. Second, clean all panels of blinds and send curtains to the dry cleaners. Take window screens out and place them on a flat surface. Wash the screens using mild soap and water with a soft brush. Rinse and wipe dry.
  • Lubricating The Hardware: Did you know that tracks and hinges on your windows should be lubricated twice per year? It is best to do this once in the fall and once in the spring.

Window Cleaning With Prime Time

Spring is an excellent time to clean your windows. Our professionally insured window cleaning team can handle any size property big or small. We have all the necessary equipment to get the job done and keep your property clean while we work. Learn more about our complete window cleaning service .

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