Maintaining your home’s health and appearance is important throughout the year, winter is no exception. Keeping your gutters clear from leaves, snow, and other debris is essential to maintaining the integrity of your home. Clogged gutters can cause pests, leaks, and foundational damage to your home. Keeping your home’s windows clean throughout winter might not seem like an obvious maintenance task but it is actually very important. Clean windows let in more light, easing the burden on your heat and electric bills. Understanding the importance of home maintenance means choosing a professional company that you trust. It can be hard to find a company that performs the tasks you need while having the experience, skills, and reliability you and your home deserve. Here is what to look for when choosing a professional window and gutter cleaning company in Chicago.


The best way to evaluate a service industry business is to look at reviews. If a company provides high-quality services at competitive prices, their reviews should reflect that. Prime Time Window Cleaning has over 547 verified reviews and a 4 star average rating on Customer Lobby. We are proud to offer services that our clients not only love, but also continue to recommend to their friends and family. Your home is your biggest investment, so don’t settle for subpar services. Hire a window and gutter cleaning business that has demonstrated the quality of their services through the feedback of their customers.

Trained Technicians

There is a reason why you hire a professional to clean your gutters and windows. Trained technicians provide high-quality results that last, results that you cannot achieve on your own. Prime Time Window Cleaning is an accredited business that trains its professionals to provide the highest quality services. We understand what our clients are looking for, and we are proud to provide them with results that they continue coming back for.

Guaranteed Work

A business that guarantees the work they do is a business that is confident in the quality of the services they provide. Guaranteed work with Prime Time Window Cleaning means you do not have to pay should you feel unsatisfied with the results. We do everything by hand using environmentally safe products and techniques. We believe in the work that we do, but we want you to believe too, that is why all our work is guaranteed.

Choosing a reliable home maintenance company can be made much easier by following these simple guidelines. Prime Time Window Cleaning offers superior services at competitive prices. We don’t want to provide you with just a cleaning, we want to build a relationship that you can rely on for you and your home for years to come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.