GIven the option between clean windows and dirty ones, the answer is a no-brainer. Clean windows bring warmth and sunshine, but we don’t often appreciate exactly how much that matters.  We often view a clean window as an aesthetic choice, and an investment that can increase curb appeal and even increase property values. While these are in fact benefits, the importance and value of impeccably clean windows is far more consequential than you may realize. 

In 1982, two social scientists by the names of James Wilson and George Kelling presented their “Broken Windows” theory, which posited that the window conditions in any given neighborhood could be tied directly to that area’s crime rate. 

Essentially, the theory posits that signs of crime and decay only encourage further crime and decay. The broken window in question theorizes a neighborhood where a building has a broken window. If that window remains broken, with no efforts to repair it, then property destruction is allowed in the area. It implies either a lack of accountability or authority in the area, and results in heightened rates of crime and vandalism. 

While there are many social and psychological implications to this theory, there is also a very basic interpretation when it comes to your home. Are we saying that clean windows could decrease crime in your neighborhood? Of course not. But it’s clear that the state of your windows broadcasts subtle implications about your home, and where you live. Dirty and unkempt windows aren’t as bad as broken windows, but they also don’t speak very highly of your neighborhood. 

But you don’t need studies to suggest that clean windows can strongly and positively impact you psychologically.  Windows are one of the most important parts of any home or office in terms of regulating the environment. By letting in natural light while keeping out harsh weather, they make being indoors an optimal experience. This can encourage feelings of shelter and comfort and even warmth in colder climates. 

There is an obvious reason why most commercial buildings have long wide windows that provide a landscape view, which let in a lot more sunlight. There have been numerous studies that prove a bright office filled with natural lighting results in higher levels of happiness and increased productivity.  Of course, this is assuming that those long wide windows have been properly cleaned. In fact, dirty windows can completely negate the positive impact by obscuring the natural lighting and acting as a major eyesore. 

Unclean windows can make the entire home or office look dirty, cluttered, and unattractive. Additionally, dirty windows in your workplace or home office can diminish overall productivity and alertness. Furthermore, dirty windows give off a terrible first impression. It can appear as though your company does not take care of its image, which can have both a detrimental impact on gaining new clients and employee satisfaction. 

From improving your mindset to improving office atmosphere, it’s clear that the benefits of clean windows extend further than you can imagine. If you have any questions about the services provided by Primetime Window Cleaning and are interested in a free quote please click here: Request Quote