Gutters are a critical component of any home or business. Their job is to carry rainwater away from a building to the appropriate drainage area. If they are not cleaned, debris and other material will build up, blocking the gutter channel and resulting in a plethora of potential problems. Below, we’ve listed some of the potential damage that can be done to your home or place of business if your gutters aren’t cleaned regularly. 

Roof Leaks

If gutters get clogged and are unable to drain properly, ice will begin to build up in them during the winter, especially here in Chicago. The melted snow will not be able to drain off the roof properly which, overtime, can begin to leak into the house, resulting in wall leaks and ceiling cracks.

Rotted Wood

When gutters are clogged, water often gets trapped after rain. This moisture can cause the wood fascia and soffit boards (the wood near where gutters are attached) to begin to rot, which can easily spread to other areas, including the attic. If this happens, you will see your gutters start to sag as the fasteners become loose due to the heavy weight of soggy debris.

Insect Infestation

The moist debris left in clogged gutters can be a paradise to insects. And once they get comfortable in your gutter, they’ll be eager to enter your home. In fact, many insect infestations start at the gutter. For example, wood-eating insects such as termites and carpenter ants are attracted to rotting leaves and branches that collect in gutters. Once there, they’ll find your home to be quite the buffet. If you want to avoid a costly exterminator fee, it’s better to clean your gutters and keep those unwanted critters away. 

Landscape Damage

The point of a gutter is to carry water to the appropriate drainage point. If obstructed, the water will instead fall on plants and grass below, drowning them in the process. This can lead to even further complications as when those plants die, their roots no longer contribute to holding the soil in place. We think you get the picture. 

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